It’s official — Trump has more flagged tweets than he has electoral votes!

Twitter started flagging President Donald Trump’s tweets back in late June, using a variety of milquetoast comments such as “This claim about election fraud is disputed,” “multiple sources have called this election differently,” and “learn about US 2020 election security efforts.” Each of these is a baby-step away from simply allowing Trump to declare whatever outrage flashes through his mind and might even represent baby steps towards removing tweets or suspending his account. More on that later. For now, let’s savor some delicious irony with a side of schadenfreude.

  1. How many flagged tweets — what percentage of a person’s total tweets — result in the account being suspended, at least temporarily?
  2. If Trump calls for violence (such as by insisting that his supporters protest on Inauguration Day or tweeting support for his lawyer Joe DiGenova’s statement that fired Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Chris Krebs be “drawn and quartered…taken out at dawn and shot”), would that result in his account being suspended?

Among other identities, I'm a middle school teacher, husband and father, bicyclist, vegetarian, environmentalist, Gooner, and maybe, just maybe, a bit more.

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